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About our recruitment service

Soen posts employment listings specializing in jobs for mechanics, and people seeking work as mechanics register on our site. Soen backs companies up on all the tasks they must attend to in the recruitment process.

Three points related to Soen’s recruitment service

Based on carefully conducted interviews, we introduce you to human resources who meet your company’s recruitment requirements.

To start the process, allow us to have a detailed talk with you about the kind of human resources you are seeking. Applicants register with us filling in an an entry sheet before using the service, so a potential employer can view the entry sheet at the time of the introduction (subject to approval by the applicant).

Please also leave communication with job applicants and the scheduling of interviews and company inspections to us.

We act as an intermediary between companies and applicants, assisting with matters such as contacting applicants for interviews.

No fees are incurred between the introduction and interview stages of the process.

We receive payment as a performance-based reward only once an applicant is hired.

The process


Apply from the inquiry form


Interview about the kind of human resources you are interested in




Interview/unofficial decision

The first step is to apply using the inquiry form. We will discuss with you about the human resources that you require. We introduce human resources that meet your recruitment conditions, liaising between the applicant and recruiter, and also schedule interviews and company inspections.

About the employment and acceptance of foreign nationals

Soen is an officially registered support organization, so companies wishing to hire foreign nationals with specified skills or that want to take interns from overseas universities can leave the process to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there costs involved in using this job site?

Depending on the plan, fees may be incurred. Please make an inquiry using the inquiry form.

What age groups of people are registered?

We have a wide range of age groups registered, from 18 year olds to people in their 60s.

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