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Soen is a company whose name signifies the creation and proliferation (man'en) of "newness". The company was founded in the hopes of addressing the most significant issue presently faced by the automobile industry—personnel. There are currently many technical schools throughout Japan to train prospective car mechanics. However, it is an indisputable fact that the number of students at these schools is declining on a yearly basis. As it stands, the future will likely spell a continuation of this trend, resulting in a further shortage of skilled mechanics. I founded this company with the intent of addressing this issue by broadening the perspective on personnel, the most valuable resource of any company, and sourcing skilled personnel from overseas. Soen's mission as a company is to serve as a bridge between "companies struggling with a shortage of mechanics" and "skilled personnel outside of Japan aspiring to work in a major automobile manufacturing country". Overall, the balance of supply and demand of personnel is a ubiquitous problem throughout the entire automobile industry. At Soen, we believe that it is our task to revitalize the industry as a whole while also assisting the businesses of our clients by creating a Win-Win-Win arrangement between skilled foreign personnel, the companies seeking out these individuals, and Soen.

President Koki Akiya


company name Soen Inc
President Koki Akiya
location Noxudol Building 8F, 4-11-16 Kami ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 170-0012, Japan
phone number +81-3-5980-7012